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- last updated: january 13, 2011

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amelia pond
So forever ago I offered to write fic in exchange for prompts and ladymercury_10 asked for Amy/Rory, Leadworth, hospital, and blue. Seeing as I haven't written fic in well.. months and have never written Rory ever this is probably hopelessly subpar. Regardless, I actually kind of enjoyed writing from Rory's perspective, which is kind of surprising considering I've never been too taken with the character? First time for everything, I guess!

but with what we have
doctor who. 700 words. pg. rory/amy. for ladymercury_10. no spoilers.

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amelia pond
your portrait hangs in the hallway
river song, father octavian, doctor/river.
doctor who.
rated pg
written eons ago for the now m.i.a. bowties are cool ficathon, finally archived here.

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amelia pond
I seriously need to consider a psych evaluation. Like, really.

lost constellations
criminal minds. reid/elle. rated r. 1187 words. spoilers for corazon. We live in stages, caught by the confines.

author's note: For oxoniensis's Porn Battle XI (prompt: Reid/Elle: drinking, sickness). Continuing my habit of writing nothing but angsty pr0n. Cross posted from here.

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amelia pond
thy love is better than wine
doctor who. eleven/river. adult. 1802 words. no spoilers.

author's note: written for the spoiler_song holiday exchange (prompt: the song of solomon). whoever this is for - i adore you for requesting such an awesome prompt. hope you have a very happy new year!

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amelia pond
our waiting game
doctor who. amy pond, the doctor. genfic. 634 words. all ages. no spoilers. for un_love_you. you remind me of someone.

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amelia pond
doctor who. eleven/amy. pg. 779 words. no spoilers.

author's note: initially for big_jumps challenge #2, but then i blatantly missed the deadline. so now for un_love_you prompt #11.

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amelia pond
it's left me blind
doctor who. amy, eleven/amy. pg. 1751 words. super vague spoilers for cold blood and the finale. beta'd by fashionweeks.

author's note: took a minor liberty re: TARDIS technology. written for glassbomb at fairytale_thon.

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amelia pond
evening songs
doctor who. eleven/amy. 1122 words. adult. no spoilers.

author's note: written for eleventy_kink, so naturally this is of dubious quality. i've heavily revised/doubled the word count since then and thought i might re-post. oh and this feels like the most filthy fic i've ever written, but it's not even all that dirty, but it's 1:30am and i just don't even know.

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amelia pond
inbound (or, how river song learned high gallifreyan)
doctor who. river, eleven/river. pg. 834 words. no spoilers.
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